Does it Still Count?

Why is it that as human beings we often feel that unless we came up with an idea by ourselves, it is not good enough to use? It has nothing to do with stealing credit, for even when the proper credit is acknowledged, it still just doesn’t feel right.

When creating my account I was struggling with ideas for the name of my blog. I knew that I wanted it to be something to the effect of “Every day Thoughts” but with more of a flare; something creative and new. My dad gave me the idea for “Daily Musings” which I loved. It fit perfect for the type of blogging that I intended to do, but for some reason I felt like I couldn’t use it because I wasn’t the one who came up with it. That got me thinking…

I know that for myself I don’t want to steal an idea from someone and play it off as my own. I don’t understand how anybody can feel any sense of pride from that. However, even when the credit is appropriately known, I find myself still struggling with the fact that it’s not completely my own.

I think a huge part of this for me is, when I like something that someone came up with, I feel inspired to do the same. If I read a book with an impeccable ending, it inspires me to reevaluate the ending that I have been contemplating for my own novel. I think that sometimes seeing someone do something better than us motivates us to improve. Therefore, when I was brainstorming a title for my blog and my dad came up with an excellent idea just like that, I felt motivated to find something great too.I wasn’t trying to compete with him, but with myself. I needed the satisfaction of knowing that I too am capable.

I have noticed the same thing with friends. A peer will be in the middle of problem solving or trying to come up with a fresh idea, and when I give them one that they find to be perfect, they feel that they can’t use it. The suggestion is just what they need, but it is not acceptable simply because the idea didn’t manifest from within them.

It all comes down to self satisfaction.You feel like a failure when someone else holds the key to a door that you fail to unlock. It has taken me a long time, but I am realizing now that there is nothing wrong with looking to other people for help, in fact, that will make me more self sufficient in the future. When you allow yourself to open up to constructive criticisms and ideas, you grow as a person, artist or whatever it is you strive to be. You allow multiple influences which in turn broadens your horizon.

So, when I felt like I had to come up with my own idea for the title of my blog, I realized that swallowing my pride and accepting a suggestion from someone else didn’t make me any less than I am. In fact, it’s more power to me. By accepting a great idea and building on it to make something of my own is much better than coming up with a mediocre idea by myself and it failing.

In a perfect world we would always be able to come up with the best thoughts and theories. So, figuring that we don’t, nobody is capable of being absolutely outstanding all the time. Anyone that you look up to or admire has asked for help and taken advice at one time or another. How can you expect yourself to succeed when you don’t allow yourself to listen to outside perspectives? As long as you always acknowledge those who help you, and never own what isn’t yours to own, let yourself be okay with guidance. An idea is an idea, it’s how you make it your own that counts.


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