Perfectly Imperfect

          Everyone has flaws; it is what makes us human. Without them, something would be terribly wrong. Even more so, we would all be lacking a very great sense of uniqueness.


I tend to be very clumsy, and yes, it stems from carelessness (what can I say? I just have a way about me). While it is something that I have made countless efforts to correct, it always seems to remain. It is a flaw that I am very well aware of, but it is also a part of who I am. So many people know me for my distinct characteristic of being a klutz. While some focus on that in a negative sense, most people I encounter seem to find it almost endearing in some strange way. In the same sense, how many people do you know that are very forgetful or extremely time oriented to the point where it annoys everyone around them. Yes, it can be frustrating and at times even embarrassing. However, sometimes those little flaws that are engraved in one’s personality almost become part of what we love about them. So, with that said, I have learned that being clumsy and accident prone (which is not necessarily a good thing) is something that I must accept about myself and embrace.


Obviously I would be lying if I were to say that that is my only flaw. I have many just like every other human being on this planet. Some I have been able to correct while others I am still working at. Through self discovery and growth, I have learned that not all defects can be corrected. Through this I have come to the discovery that regardless of what I feel I need improvement on, I should embrace every flaw and look at it as something else that makes me unique. This doesn’t mean that I have found a way to justify ignoring what needs to be improved and therefore become an excuse for behaviors that are not justifiable. It simply means that in my efforts to better myself, I must remember that everything about me, good or bad, is part of who I am. I am slowly learning to love the skin I am in, and part of that is learning to love all those little imperfections, no matter how big. You love people with their flaws and imperfections, so why shouldn’t you love yourself the same way?


 Until the greatly feared day when the machines take over, no one will ever be perfect. No one is perfect, and no one ever will be. If by chance you were to meet a perfect person with no flaws whatsoever, that itself would be a flaw because no such person exists. So, with that said, learn to embrace who you are for all that you are. Don’t allow yourself the excuse to stop working on improvement, but don’t hate yourself for the things you lack. Realize that every quirky or flawed trait that you carry makes you the INDIVIDUAL that you are. Only then can you truly accept that your shortcomings are what make you perfectly imperfect.