I had my second encounter with the creature that lurks within my walls and feeds beneath my bed. I’ve known of its existence, but chose to believe for my own sanity that he had given up the hope of me ever being able to satisfy his needs. I had prayed that he had moved on elsewhere to find other victims to torment and harass. There was nothing left for him here, for I had cleared out every bit of repulsive memorabilia of which he loved to feast upon.

Finally, I thought to myself, finally, I can relax once more for the demon has left for good. Alleviated of my fear, I took it upon myself to sink into the cushions of my sofa and enjoy the latest media corruption polluting my computer. As I laid there letting my mind twist and twirl through each exciting news feed, I spotted out of the corner of my eye a quick and sudden movement.

It caught my attention and within an instant my limbs folded into my body tensing and clinging together. The monster dragged its red specked body from beneath my couch and across the floor. I sat in despair ready to scream only to realize that I was alone. My whimpers would only defeat my chance of attack alarming him of my presence. I let a quiet sigh shutter through my lips as I slowly clasped the nearest book within reach and plunged it to the floor where my enemy lay. It saw my attempt and ran before I could make my shot. Frantic, I grabbed another book wasting no time to fling it across the room. Again, I missed. As the book made its impact on the floor, the beast disappeared under my bed; its shield of protection.

Adrenaline pumped replacing all sense of fear with motive. I was on a mission and zealous to murder. I snatched a flash light, hit the floor and directed the beam under the shield that my foe had discovered. It knew my intent and gave the far corner of the bed no time to prove its security. It flung its legs to the wall and pulled itself up hiding behind the floor length curtains.

“No!” I shouted.

Eager to conquer, I jumped onto the bed and yanked on the curtains with the strength of ten men. Swiftly, I rolled over, swung off the bed and onto the ground where I took my position for attack once more. I watched as it glazed down the wall onto the carpet. It suddenly froze. Though it was still in sight it remained out of reach. Now, my only option for victory was to wait for it to come to me. Moments passed before it finally made movement.

“Yes.” I whispered.

This was my chance to finally put the fiend to rest. I watched as it inched its way towards the carpet away from the wall. Suddenly, it stopped yet again and began retracing each step. My heart began to beat as I wondered when the war would end. It made its way back up the plaster and this time into the wall.

“No, no, no” I desperately muttered.

I waited in disbelief lying on my stomach shining the light on its point of escape. Terror had replaced my relief of his absence, for I knew it was only a matter of time before he would return. I shook my head, let out a breath of grief and pulled myself together. There was nothing left I could do. This battle had come to an end and I had lost yet again. Once more, the cockroach had escaped.


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