Safety vs. Passion

In my most recent post I concluded the entry with “there is no passion in safety, but there can be safety within passion.” I decided I wanted to expand on that thought. I feel that so many people just want to play it safe in order to avoid getting hurt. A lot of people do this with their feelings and make up for their “being safe” in other adventurous ways such as going on crazy endeavors and partying till the early hours. They feel that they are living life on the wild side and safety is not in their vocabulary. What about those who are being safe with their emotions though?

True passion is letting go of the fear that you could lose the person you love and loving them with all your heart regardless. It is letting go of the “what if” and trusting that they will be there to hold your heart with delicate hands. There is nothing passionate about keeping someone at a distance to avoid a broken hearts.

There comes a point in love when the trust you give the other person becomes a safety and comfort; a part of who you are as a couple and something that you share as one. You are able to rely on the other person and count on them to always be that one that you depend on. When you reach a point where you take on the role of partners, as a team in the game of life, you create a sense of safety within that union. That is where safety can be unison with passion. You can experience the passion and fire of love and it’s splendor while knowing that you are secure. That is the ultimate goal that we all are trying to reach and hope to someday find.

Too many are afraid that it isn’t out there or they will never find it. They miss out on the greatest thing in life which is romantic companionship. Those who are willing to and able to let themselves get burned a few times in order to find the one who will guard them from the flame are the ones that will find what so many believe is extinct.

So, ask yourself this; are you willing to live a life with passionless safety where you can never get hurt, or are you willing to risk the pain of a bruised heart in order to find the one that will hold it tenderly with passionate love?



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