Beauty and Brains???

Why is that being high maintenance is often times associated with being dumb and ditsy? Somehow, if you have fake nails and fake hair you suddenly don’t amount to much beyond a very basic IQ level if that. Is it because somehow the fake
nails, lashes and extensions are always stereotyped on those who “Just want to have fun” and not really on the serious types? But at what point did having fun mean you don’t take life seriously? As a high maintenance “princess” that rocks the fake nails and glitter heals, I would like to set the record straight once and for all.
This is a piece that I feel will lead into a topic of its own, that quite frankly I’m surprised I haven’t touched on already; stereotyping. We are all guilty of it, and often times certain stereotypes are true, but not all. However, the particular stereotype I want to focus on today is that of being what most would consider “high maintenance.” By no means would I consider myself fake, however I do enjoy the glamour of being dolled up on a daily basis. Yes, I will admit, I do take my sweet time in the morning applying my makeup and styling my hair, but the time I spend on putting myself together does not reduce the amount of functioning brain cells I harbor.
I like getting my nails done, wearing extensions and draping myself in sparkly costume jewelry because I like to, plain and simple. It makes me feel girly, sexy and frankly, I do it for myself. I honestly feel that at some point the standard was set that you either have beauty or brains, but never both. Therefore, somehow it seems that if a girl plays up all her assets by complimenting her features with hair and makeup with a touch of “overdone” she is suddenly dumb. Clearly, she didn’t have the brains so she had no other choice but to play up the vanity. But who says you can’t have both? And why is it that you can’t be taken seriously in this world
unless you ditch the diva living within you? Sequins and stilettos don’t necessarily equal zero intelligence.
It’s true that a professional image is important in the world and the way you display yourself is the way you are going to be portrayed. However, to all those girls out there who love to glam it up and add their own bit of flare whether it be hot pink acrylics or false lashes to add that extra pop, go for it! I truly feel that those who deserve to know how smart you really are despite your outlandish appearance are those that will simply look past what is only skin deep and know you for who you truly are on the inside. Nothing says brains and the boutique can’t go together.

Dedicated to Jessica Pacheco


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