A Word of Advice

With so many thoughts and topics swimming through my head, I wonder where to begin. I have faced several challenges this week all reverting back to topics that I have discussed in blogs previous to this one. I have found myself pondering my own thoughts and advice that I have shared with all of you discovering that so often it is difficult to listen to our own wisdom. I once said that I longed to inspire others with words of hope, but today, I share words of disappointment. I admit that I myself have not been true to my own revelations.

Months ago, I documented my endeavor to quit smoking. I spoke from strength and insight as I shared my story to show others that kicking the habit was indeed possible. Today, I share with you all that I have fallen off that wagon and found myself once again in the clutches of nicotine. How did this happen? The truth is, it doesn’t really matter. What is important is that I own my shortcomings and correct them. I feel that this post will be a medley of most of my blogs in the past, only this time, the only person I know firsthand that I am inspiring is myself.

The first entry I ever made was a comical theatric of what it would be like to discover that you have a long lost twin who is more attractive than you. Like everyone else, I have my days where I don’t feel my absolute best. Thinking back to that thought, I realized that most of my insecurities stemming from my body image could be improved by making simple changes in my life. Perhaps it is time that I decide what I would like to improve upon and do something about it.

Having thought back to “Perfectly Imperfect”, I remembered that not every quirk can be changed and some should be embraced rather than frowned upon. Maybe it’s time I reevaluate myself and discover once more how to accept the flaws embedded in my genetic makeup.

I could spend an eternity sitting here crafting my thoughts onto paper to achieve a pretentious explanation for my actions, but at the end of the day, who am I really trying to impress? Myself? Probably.

For once, I have few words to share that I hope resonates with you all. The advice you give others is so often the best advice to listen to, yet most difficult to personally accept. Reading through my own blog I can’t help but think to myself, “Wow, I said that? When did I stop living these mantras?”

We all have our own words to live by. However, we all stray from the path we have set for ourselves to find that we are not practicing what we preach. This doesn’t make us hypocrites, it simply makes us human. We are allowed to fall down and struggle sometimes just as long as we get back up and continue moving forward.

While I have chosen to challenge myself in many ways, I challenge you all to do something as well. Think back to some of the best advice you have shared with those around you. Now, ask yourself if you are living by your own words of wisdom. If not, don’t just ask yourself why you aren’t but what you think you should do about it. Just wait and see what kind of advice you come up with.


4 thoughts on “A Word of Advice

  1. Loved this one, LaLa. Great insight and good advice. It’s humbling to realize that we have fallen short of a goal. It also gives us new impetus to move forward in our journey. Life is one fork in the road after another.

  2. Hi la la, right on its so easy to pass on advice but very difficult for one to practice. Your insight is your intuition speaking. We rarely listen to it. Love Ralph

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