Challenge Accepted!

I have started a new challenge! I have asked seven different people to give me a word, and for the next seven days I will be writing a blog weaved around each word. There were a couple reasons for this idea. First of all, there is nothing more melancholy than the depths of writers block where creativity is stunted by abysmal disarray. In order to launch myself from that state, I decided to channel all my negative emotion associated with the roadblock by inducing inspiration from those around me. It’s new, fresh and seven people are counting on me to deliver, which means, I feel empowered with purpose and a plan.

The second reason I chose to partake in this endeavor holds a bit of a deeper meaning. Ten different people can all look at the same exact piece of art, yet all walk away with a different meaning as to what it symbolizes to them. I believe that it is the same thing with literature. While a concept may be universally understood, it can be processed and interpreted according to our own perspectives. By having seven different people choose a word in which I will write about, I will be able to witness first hand how a word which carries a prominent definition can be understood in so many different ways. It’s simply amazing how much power a single word can posses. As you all read through these next seven blogs, think about how my perception of the word is different from yours as well as all the other seven interpretations it can have to the other participants involved.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has contributed their suggestions. I am just as eager to present my ideas on your thoughts as I am for you to read them!


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