When I was first presented with this word, my initial reaction was as natural as death itself. I was immediately haunted by a gruesome image of rotting flesh and tortured souls left to decay in solemn despair. Something that is left to decay is simply wasting away. All sense of life has been drained and replaced with a hollow rotten mess. However, flesh is not the only thing that is prone to decay.

Anything that was once pure and prosperous has the potential to eventually wither into nothing. Without there having been something beautiful to begin with, the process of destruction would not be worth mentioning. I asked myself a simple question as I was pondering this word; have I ever encountered the risk of decay?

From a literal standpoint, our bodies will not give way to the earth till our soul has parted. From a metaphorical standpoint however, aren’t we always at risk for corruption? Certain events have provided me with spiritual, emotional and mental growth. Sometimes you go through a dark time and come out stronger and sure of who you are. Other times, the opposite takes place.

We all have ups and downs in our life. I recently spoke about how we don’t always live the life we have chosen and sometimes require a long hard look in the mirror to reevaluate our priorities. I’m not talking about temporary lapses though. I’m talking about the all-time low of hitting rock bottom. A hell so dark and buried in our subconscious that just like death, it cannot be escaped. Is it possible to decay even while living? Yes.

Shortly after we take our final breath and venture to the life following this one, the corpse we leave behind begins to follow the natural course of decomposition. To decay in the mind, heart and soul is the opposite. It is an unnatural process that takes place when evil has overcome and replaced all sense of life with something drear and wicked. Serenity is dead and left with nothing more than to decay.

Perhaps we haven’t all been faced with trials that led us to a place as dark as this, but many have. Unlike the physical deceased, can those who face metaphoric death be resurrected?


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