This whole challenge came about because of this word. I was in the midst of a depressing writers block when I had the epiphany that brought this third post to you today.

Roadblocks are all around us presenting themselves in our lives constantly. While they are nothing short of inconvenient, they always bring with them a long term effect that we don’t often realize.

When you are puzzled in a maze of confusion, you are forced to think outside your spectrum of every day thought. You find yourself challenged with a new way of processing. Eventually, you discover a way through that roadblock with a new perspective.

While it may seem that we are not moving forward when stuck in the quicksand of obstruction, we are actually growing in a way that will propel us even farther than we would have gone initially. In a sense, it is a maturity reboot. Just like your phone, it may shut down for a while, but once it lights back up to life, it’s running faster and longer with fresh apps and updates.

I spent weeks staring at blank paper stunted by my lack of words to write. As a result, I was forced to think of new and inventive ways in which I could craft my skill. I may have been under the radar for a while, but now, my thoughts are pouring out and my art is once again being seen.

If we never face struggles, how can we ever be expected to grow? Wisdom doesn’t come from the years frosted on your birthday cake but from the amount of trials you overcome. It is when you are frozen in chaos that you grow the most. When pushed into a world outside your comfort zone, you suddenly find yourself accessing ideas you never knew you had. Your horizon is then expanded as well as your mind.

Regardless of the roadblock you face, don’t focus on it as a negative. Allow the feelings of helplessness revolving around it to be transferred into energy of growth and knowledge to come. Realize that some of the best ideas stem from times lacking in creativity. You may not see it now, but once you break through the blockage holding you back, you will be capable of victory in any and every challenge you encounter.


6 thoughts on “Roadblock

  1. Sissy you have such amazing talent in writing….I get captured by your words and want to continue reading. You are an amazing written keep it up I love reading your posts.

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